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Douglas Rutherford, CPA

Douglas Rutherford, CPA
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Real Estate Investment Software

Douglas Rutherford is a nationally recognized CPA practicing in the real estate industry.  He is the founder of Rutherford, CPA & Associates, and is the President and CEO of  Doug developed the Cash Flow Analyzer® software series beginning in 1993 for his clients to assist them in analyzing real estate investments.  In 2005, Doug developed and introduced the Tax Lien Certificate Portfolio Tracker software.

Today, thousands of real estate investors, brokers, agents, bankers, mortgage lenders, and others in the USA, Canada, Australia, and other foreign countries use his software.

As a CPA, author, businessman, national speaker and investor, Doug Rutherford and his firm has turned Cash Flow Analyzer® series into the leading investment analysis software products on the market today.   Doug earned his Masters of Taxation degree from Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA.

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Doug Rutherford, Denise Rutherford, Robert Kiyosaki

Doug with wife Denise & Robert Kiyosaki
(author of Rich Dad Poor Dad) in Chicago, IL.



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