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Note Buyer's Cash Flow Analyzer

The Note Buyer's Cash Flow Analyzer® is a very powerful, but easy to use, Windows program that will calculate the exact amount you need to pay for a particular note to meet your return goals.

When using the Note Buyer's Cash Flow Analyzer®, you can quickly calculate a note's cash flow, your rate of return, an offer price, profit and much more.  Easily print presentational reports to share with investors and lenders, and write offer letters. 

The software features include:

  • Calculate the offer price on a note

  • Determine the amount you need to resell the note
    to make your desired yield

  • Determine your profit, and the buyer's profit

  • Up to 30-year cash flow analysis reports

    • Quickly see the cash flow annually

    • Determine net cash flow after funds borrowed

    • Determine return before and after income taxes

  • Ability to enter amounts borrowed to fund your purchase

  • Comprehensive amortization schedules

  • Create and print offer letters

  • Built-in financial calculator

  • Hardcopy manual and CD shipped